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orbicularis oculi muscles. All four persons had exposure to
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tion renders more excitable the sympathetic structures acted on by
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structure of the eye with its various media nicely adapted
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protrusion of the whole or part of an organ from its natural
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it ! They were both as regular as the morning's coming. But
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portion to the length of time during which the function has been
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of fluid into the larynx, passed a catheter through the
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appoint ; and thai so much of ibe act lo incorporate the Connecticut Medical
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tion of its presence is not hard to seek. Like the well,
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These statistics would show that the pediculus pubis
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The death of Dr. Abiel Gardner was then anounced by the President,
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Epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis is a disease of infancy, childhood and
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sarcomatous tissue of which they are mainly composed, other tissue
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it is observed to have been taken, the patient should cease ab-
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part of the body affected, whether skin, bones, glands, lungs,

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