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School of Lyon, with others, the author relates how, after the

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combined, for example, as from a fall, in eleven. A

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and lower part of the wound, covered with yellow lymph. The

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ples there has, of course, been, and many employers must have dis-

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' Deatsche Klinik. 1868, No. 12. 1859, No. 83. Befer also to Eulenberg,

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proetateotomy for chrooio prostatic hypertrophy (McOill) 68

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Dr. J, G. Fitzgerald and Dr. Geo. D. Porter, Toronto.

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The patient to whom chart Xo. 6 belonged was a urinary case

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cine gewisse Toleranz fiir Zucker und fiir Amylacien, insofern er nur bei

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Cases of this kind had been reported by Dr. Begbie.

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or specific irritants takes place from the one eye to the other. In

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portion to the length of time during which the function has been

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of the asthmatic paroxysm, a circumstance which had not oc-

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tigation should have the following scope in order to reveal the

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In presenting these researches, I shall give first a very condensed

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health are usually either pain or prolonged suppuration ; and

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August 22, 1894 (No. 960); La Plata Mines, August 22, 1895 (No.

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nickname for everyone and used it consistently. He felt

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tion is either anaemia or failure of heart power. I think

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They never do harm, assist the asepsis of the parts and prevent

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¬ęThis method of double control is similar to the one adopted by one of uh in com!

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driacal, and would at these times declare he could onl}' walk at

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onstrated a bony density in the right scapula which re-

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Remittances should be made by money-order, draft or regintered

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tle. He got the use of a good horse, and was paid a

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Only when they are dead, or when they are quiescent under

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Ontario, Toronto (1901) (19), pp. 94-98, figs. 52-56. [W a , W .]

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stand the fact that, in an epidemic of Yellow Fever, we have

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ing Typhoid Fever. By F. X. Dercum, M.D., Clitiical Professor

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medical school, and liad done liis best to dissuade them from the estab-

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of milk in their mothers, aud this in turn is dependent

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