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their aroma and flavor. There is one thing always to remem-

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turn from pink to dark. The stalk is long and hollow, and

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Laryngeal Diphtheria or Membranous Croup. — In many cases the

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sure. It is, however, confessedly difficult to diagnose between the intra-

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Animal Industry they have demonstrated these as distinct in-

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walls. As the result of undue intraventricular pressure the cerebral

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.36 grain of nitrogen per kilogramme of body weight. Cow's

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out to the pleura. They have also been found in the blood. This

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he asked me one or two trifling questions, said, in a very

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from Florida. The Indian Rivers are the best of these. They

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maintained by frequent renewal and by avoiding any covering; other-

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warm-water fomentations are commenced, and thereafter employed

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Their work has been carried on by such men as Andral, Louis,

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beginning is so nearly synchronous with the cessation of cardiac dis-

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symptoms exhibit noticeable variations, according to the special etiology

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plete reaction which is so useful in repeated cold application by arous-

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in the old-fashioned hydropathic manner. Recently the German practice

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eat cranberry with our turkey, currant jelly with our roast

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niently be divided into two groups : (1) Primary lesions, due to the

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The disease is caused by the penetration into the walls of the

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ings and conditions. In my judgment it would be well now

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use to indicate the pressure applied. The technique cannot be con-

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they eat, then passed through during digestion, and come forth

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it should be a golden rule to examine carefully all the joints at each

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accident, neoplasm, worry or mental strain, poisons, etc., this

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the Pacific coast, and really one of the medical centres of

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pneumococcus, and hence the so-called "cold" is a predisposing cause.

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