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iilready asked for accommodation and in many cases they will be ac-

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impression has existed, that the localisation of the symptoms, or at

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nourishment, 1 had the opportunity of watching the effects of the earth in this

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tributed. Later the muscles of the hand and arms may

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cf. Figs. 4, 5, 6, so that the appearances closely resemble the drawings of

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upwards of fifteen years in England, and that it has been general

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many treatments that are now employed. The history of the hypo-

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uneventfully. He resumed civil occupation until commissioned a first lieu-

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stomach into the duodenum. Since London has shown that no absorp-

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mechanism by which the lesion was produced. Dout3tless the

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the utmost the personal contact with his many friends in the Society.

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made still smaller, as the swelling shrinks before it, it c

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Cut some slices of underdone leg of mutton, about half an

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I In- patient, a railroad employe, came with considera-

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out-door exercise, and were not overtaken by the disease until

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lial Kale vulgarly called scurf," should be interdicted;

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Children were most affected in the New York epidemic, whereas in Boston

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geon — even including the tubular sequestra — and that hence Dr. Markoe's

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were foreigners ; thus the proportion of deaths among the children of for-

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contamination of the milk from an infected dairy will probably

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hours after the commencement of the operation. This was the case

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is one of the most certain remedies known for the bite of ve-

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tion rather than a contraindication to it. Not infre-

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Frug. External Eudollielia; Silver-tiuleil. nailuatk, Ku.

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men — Saussure, Sismondi, Pictet, Prevost, De la Rive,

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in structure and very hard. It was a fibroma with a fairly long

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administered in large doses. The untoward symptoms ceased ; and

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of the Nerves," published in the New York Journal of Me-

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