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would be strong presumptive evidence of fracture at the base of

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the neck and down over the chest-wall, and so advancing, obliterating the

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bU fingers (he is a deaf-mute), he accidentally struck the dorsum of the right

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rhagica, when anemia exists, it seems that the fragility of the red cells

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new or unusual remedies only where those already in common

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In the former the general diet as indicated in all acute

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came the most prolific source of further investiga-

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this holds good through the whole range of veterinary

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J?s«o{tMtf, That the Commissioners of Public Charities and Correction

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provided that engagements can be made within two weeks from this dat e

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gation (Beckmann's thermometer) (Fig. 4). The exact position on

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example, and also by the exhibition of saline aperients (not other

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they were dutifully bound to give, rather than what they were in

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been making a complete list of the reports of operated

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powers of the mind preserve their energy and precision.

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layers are either regular in outline or slightly wavy, and in that

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Infrequent ; on the bank of Blue Grass Creek, July 8, \i

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the day ; in all about 2,000 cm. of the same dark coffee

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moisture, for multiplication in the air. They are wafted by the air from the

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regard to the value of eosinophilia, he regards this as

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Eating, sleeping, etc., are called non-naturals. This

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In March, 1949, x-ray examination showed increase in

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must in some cases be doue, it were better that it were well done.

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the part of the mother often leads to an inborn tendency of the child

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vascular connections, the result being growth of the cell and

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service needs. No lengthy argument is required to establish the im-

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trained nurse. When she is capable and conscientious, the phy-

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feeling of modesty, which is pronounced even in the lowest classes

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first definite mention of it in the history of science,

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liver and kidneys, substance and membranes of the brain and spinal cord, are in

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vise anti-syphilitic treatment in all cases. Such a course

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York; Dr. Stoddard, of Rochester ; and Dr. Allison.

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Haec vocis technicae ambiguitas facile expedienda ne-

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it is superior to anything we have used. R. listerine, half ounce ;

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which the mastoid was opened by me for inflammation, and of which I

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uterus, where the etiology is not clear, it is desirable to inquire for

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total symplepharon, in which all the mucous membrane

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Walton, T. C, surgeon. Promoted to medical inspector,

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Geographical Distribution. — Among Eastern countries, Arabia, China,

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pointed at a former meeting of the Section, and that

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