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esteemed is to the cure of neuralgia. About forty years since, Mr. B.
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ojBlals, With dihedral nuDiiiita, whieh melt mt 213^ P., are soluble ib
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towel and mirror for every so many girls — and a liberal supply of cold water
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by repeating the fustigation upon each return, or at relatively short in-
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inflammation of the eye, and then by disorder of the ge-
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the woman does not require as much food in proportion as
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lower animals. The treatment of its poisonous effects is the same as that
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tendency toward selection of atj^ical survivors, the data obtained
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bleeding from the arm, if the symptoms should b»; urgent, and the pu]s#-
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able qualities: but the facility of its solution in the gastric liquids, and
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the sun is given out. Within the arctic circle, the heat of the
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quently the medicines producing them, are suggested by the therapeutic
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pulae IB, in general, moderately increafied in frequency, fulness, and force,
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peans resident in these climates, but which have so little effect
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distillation. A sour liquid comes over, on the surface of which a very
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mate. We see the impropriety of bringing troops from the
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80 largely and so fn.*quently, as on the out: liniA to i;p.'!'j««; iiifl^njniuMon
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diseases of the skin, great advantage will be derived from
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Partial or local weakue^s may always be treated with pftrlial cxerciB©,
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the same shock or concussion, according as the ground which
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wagging tongues in every parish, that evil-speaking,
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a technician would take the mouse directly to the deepfreeze
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be niuf*h more rapid than tbis. Tfme, however, must bo allowed for the
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The only cireumstauces under which I should think it advisable to ad-
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be employed in cases of debility, in which reaction, under the use of the
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the spinal marrow; as sensibility to pain is lost, while yet reflex actioo
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Neither crowding nor the psychological effects of isolation under a
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ported. In what state of combination it is contained in the colouring
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matism, Gout, Scrofulous Diseases, Catarrh, Bronchitis, and
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American ocalists to dilate ike pupil To enter into a minute account
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and the quantity of the urine itself, to be diminished under the ure of coffee and
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in the quantity of morphia they contain from 3 to 13 per cent. The
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a 1 cm^ fluted filter paper. Flasks were set up in duplicate.
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sible mucous surfaces. It has, therefore, been a desideratnm to find a
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stationed around me, and serve my spirit the office
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Med, Eev., iv. 394.) It is unnecessary to state, that the corrosive sub-
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tion is not confined to the part first impressed, but extends throughouli
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tioo of the U. S. Dispensatory. It is sufficient here to state that hy-

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